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  • How long will the technician be on site?
    Our technician will come to your site and scan the location, this process generally takes 2-3 hours for a residential home.
  • How long until I get my scans as a model?
    After the scanning process is complete, you can reasonably expect your scans to be available to you within 2-3 days. This process relies on the Matterport system to complete the intensive rendering of your model. We cannot 'rush' or speed this process.
  • Will my listing load 'slower' due to adding these features?
    The models and views are provided to you as a link to the Matterport webportal and are held there. A viewer of your listing would click on link provided in your listing and be taken to the Matterport portal to view the rendered drawing (digital 'Dollhouse') and experience the property.
  • What cameras do you use?
    We use Matterport Pro2 to scan and then model your location.
  • How long will I have my digital 'Dollhouse'?
    The digital 'Dollhouse', the finalized version of the scans, will be available for your listing for 120 days as part of our Basic package. After that, arrangements will need to be made to extend your service time.
  • I have more than one story in my unit, will this be an issue?"
    No. The scanning of multiple stories to generate a single model is not an issue.
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