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Bringing Accurate and Cost-Effective BIM to your project!

Building Information Modeling

Recently, our data partner has developed an additional product for our customers to utilize: BIM through AutoDesk’s Revit program as .RVT file, .DWG (Floor Plan) and a .DWG (Reflected Ceiling Plan).

For our customers, that means that we are able to very competitively offer, on top of our LIDAR scanning, files that you can utilize to enhance conversations with your construction management team, architects, interior design teams, HOAs, zoning officials- whomever needs to understand your site or project will get the plans to understand the current state in industry-standard file types! Chances are these individuals are already using Revit.

How do I get started?

Simple. We first work with you to understand the needs of your project and perform the initial site scan, as part of our standard package. The models are then cloud-created and timing will depend largely on the square footage of the project.

How long will it take?

Your model will need additional processing times to develop the BIM package off of the millions of data points collected, generally, for a 5k sqft house, we are looking at times roughly between an additional 3-4 days (a total turnaround time of about one week).

Why is this different than a Schematic Drawing?

A schematic drawing will come to you after our initial scanning service is complete (usually in 2-3 Days after site visit) and provides you with a measured drawing of your site as a PDF, portable document format. Although detailed, these files are not 'living' files; there is no simple way to import this file type into an AutoCAD-type program. Where the BIM package discussed above is exactly that- the details dimensioned and ready for you in a Revit file that can be changed to suit where you intend to take the project!

Is there a plugin I may need for Revit?

There is a standardized plugin for Revit currently available for download, please follow the link:

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