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How residential scanning has changed how I approach clients projects

I have been doing construction contracting work for over 5 years and here on the island of Puerto Rico for 3 of them. One thing that I have learned is that things take time here so patience is required when taking on any endeavor but specifically when it comes to construction. Between permitting, designing, bidding, estimating, sourcing, and then coming down to the actual work itself there can be a seemingly insurmountable amount of obstacles. What I have found and am still finding is that if I can speed up even one of those processes I can reach the finish line sooner and have a better handle on overall project budgeting. I am finding that speed is based on communicating from the same ‘book’, cohesive plans and diagrams being central to any such book. Getting to the end sooner means saving time and money and reaching a state where the building can be used for the clients intended purpose sooner.

Technology Leveling the Field

Thus began my search for how. When I came across a revolutionary new product that gave me the ability to scan and accurately recreate the interior of any space my mind was blown. This meant less time going back and forth to the site to pull measurements, it meant I could instantly share the entire project with subcontractors and materials estimators, and I could virtually ‘walk’ investors through the space. I was communicating more efficiently with those subcontracts and soliciting further bids for work.

Scan then Plan

It didn't stop there either. I could now generate schematic floor plans in just a couple days and for fractions of the cost and energy. These floor plans could be used to make demolition or reconstruction plans, as well as accurately see the dimensions and layout of the entire space. Lastly, I had the ability to upload these 3d models into AutoCAD. Once there, I could manipulate the physical structure itself without ever lifting a tool (other than the mouse, of course). When I saw all of these features connected into one tool and one platform I realized this is where the construction industry is headed and I need to be at the forefront of that movement. Now every job I do the first thing I do is scan the building. Then I can go back to the office and get started on the plan.


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