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Solving Real World Challenges: Scanning

Solving Real World Challenges: Architectural Design

Solving Real World Challenges: Project Estimation

Site Scan for complete renovation

Our client came to us to get a better understanding of a multistory property.  We went on to provide not only the model for him to solicit bids through but also a Point Cloud file to assist with architectural planning, permitting and applications.

Architectural Services

Our in-house architects are a multidisciplinary design team with global experiences, they gained from cities in India, Singapore, London, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. They bring expertise in various disciplines, from residential and commercial architecture. Our team has a reputation for delivering imaginative and mold-breaking designs and takes pride in working towards delivering innovative designs that draw purpose and design ethic from our commitment to our clients.


Project Estimation and Insurance Adjustment

Our Project Estimation team works to deliver for our clients' comprehensive budgets of time and materials.  We would perform our detailed scan of your site and work through your plan using Xactimate.  

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