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Initial Service: Scan and 'Dollhouse"


3D Site Scanning visit

2D Photos

Hosting your model

Quick Gifs for Social Media

Starting at $300+

Design Services: 

Building Modelling

Take your scan to the next level with schematic drawings, Revit files or Point Clouds

Specialty Services:

Architecture and Interior Design

Construction Bid Estimations



We take our inspiration from our world around us, the island of Puerto Rico and from the Puerto Rican Screech owl, Gymnasio nudipes.  As this screech owl rotates to survey its environment, our scanners take your property to new dimensions in the digital space.


Our Founders:

Lee and David first met through their work with a Puerto Rican-based 501(c)3, part 1101.01 listed non-profit, Bejuco.  Lee, whose construction interests are throughout the island; while David’s work keeps him near a dataset at nearly all times are your partners in completing your project.



Thanks for submitting!

PO BOX 367362

San Juan, PR 0096-7362

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